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Our Offerings

Miilk Cloud Cake
Uber Eats

Available in store or to order

Don’t feel like leaving home? You can order our Ready To Go cake range in cupcake form, dessert box for yourself, or go for a whole cake in Mini, Medium or Mega size! 

Scent, Candles, Diffusers, Room Spray

Available in store

Browse our take home range instore which include candles, diffusers, mugs and more!

Custom Cake

Available to order

Explore our Made For You range to create a memory with us through a custom cake or catering experience!

Pandan Latte
Uber Eats

Available in store or to order

We offer a variety of coffees, lattes, milkshakes, teas with options such as toppings, miilk altneratives and much more!

Mochi Cookie
Uber Eats

Available in store or to order

Variety of cookies from bite sized almond to pineapple tarts are made with our homemade recipes, and can come filled with a chewy mochi centre. 

Soft Serve

Available in store

Soft serves are a creamy and cold spin on our signature Miilk teas, topped with the sauces, fruits and cakes of your dreams! 

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